Effective and flexible

control of the time
spent on the project

for teams and business

WorkApp gives simple answers to complex business questions:
  • How much time is actually spent working on a project?
  • How much does the project really cost and how much revenue does it bring?
  • What do employees do in the process?
For teams, departments, projects, tasks, customers.
Got more than 10 people in your team?
Business is growing

Are there any problems?

Work time on a project or client is estimated "approximately", but the actual amount of time spent is unknown. The profits of each project are far from desirable.

You need to start a new project, but your team members are busy. It is unclear as to what takes so much time during their work.

Employees can't evaluate the amount of time they spend on their project. They can’t remember how much time it took them to complete a task.

Employees can't evaluate the amount of time they spend on their project. They can’t remember how much time it took them to complete a task.

You have remote specialists and the amount of time they spend working on your projects and they work process is unclear.

No more uncertainty!


is a cloud service for evaluating working hours on a project


Evaluates time spent on each project, client or task

Evaluates real costs and profits of each project


Evaluates the workload of each team member

A simple, flexible and workable solution

for evaluating working hours spent on a project, client or task

Track working hours without stress for your team

You are always aware of what the team is doing daily, weekly and monthly without involving second-by-second control over each person. The employee has to answer a very simple question: what have they been doing in the last hour? The system is primarily designed for project management, labor analysis and project cost estimation. Because of that, team members react positively to such implementations and they are easily integrated into the workflow.

You decide how to track your processes

You decide how to track your processes The system is as flexible as possible. No obligatory fields, only you decide what needs to be tracked: project, client, task or field of work. Choose your preferences with your team.
Projects: Marketing Manager

Track real hours spent on the project

Quick assessment of labor costs for a project, client or task for of each employee individually.

Quickly evaluate all current tasks

See your team’s current tasks and time spent on them without interrupting your team members.

Estimate your resources for future projects

Your entire history is stored forever. You can always see how much was spent working on a similar project and estimate future project.

Solve issue of small tasks

Got constant small tasks from regular clients? Estimate how long it takes the employee to complete them. Bill clients automatically using your time records at the end of the month. No more Excel tables, chats or communication with the client.

Multiple user access

A supervisor can observe all of its departments. A manager can observe the processes within their department.

Remote Supervision

Monitor the work of your remote specialists. Their activity, their process and time for each task.

I can now track the activity of our designers,marketing managers, website developers and my own time all in one place. As it turned out, in our old processes half a month had to be spent regularly dealing with accounting rather than actual work, so we hired an office manager for that. Now I know what our specialists are doing, which projects are the most viable and how much any similar projects will cost.

Head of Regional Web Studio

20 employees

The perfect tool for agile teams

with designers, programmers, writers, translators, lawyers, etc.


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What makes us different
As simple as it gets

No irrelevant information, only the essentials. Easy to use both for employees and the management alike.

Maximum flexibility

Choose your preferable format with other team members.

Quick scoring

Evaluate work hours on the fly. Automatic calculation of all the statistics and labor costs.

First, I tried it myself and liked it a lot. It’s very convenient to see how much each project took by the end of the month. Then we installed it for everybody at our department, it took a couple of hours to figure everything out. Our employees liked it because it doesn’t actually track every single mouse click that they make. On average, it takes from 2 to 8 seconds to fill out the necessary info. Some employees appreciated hourly reminders which help them with their own time-management. We are now looking to implement it into our other departments.

Project Manager of Advertising Agency

68 employees

Find out how your labor is distributed

Try it now and see how easy it is to manage your projects and your time.

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