How to monitor the activity of remote employees?

WorkApp allows monitoring the process ofprojects and tasks, even in remote work conditions.
For those who are temporarily working from home

— How to control the process when a person is out of the office?

— When has the work been started and completed?

— What do employees do in the process?

For those who work remotely full-time

— How many hours does an employee actually work per week?

— How much time does it take to complete tasks?

— What is their preferred schedule?

For those who work with freelancers during large projects

— Does the freelancer dedicate enough time to the project?

— How much time was actually spent on the project?

— What tasks are they performing at the moment?

How it works?

step 1

Register your account

step 2

Install the application

step 3

Start working

Educational videos

Beginning of work
Setting up a company account
Application installation
Head office

Track working hours without stress for your team

You are always aware of what the team is doing daily, weekly and monthly without involving second-by-second control over each team member. The employee has to answer a very simple question: what have they been doing in the last hour? The system is primarily designed for project management, labor analysis and project cost estimation. Because of that, team members react positively to such implementations and they are easily integrated into the workflow.

You decide how to track your processes

The system is as flexible as possible. No obligatory fields, only you decide what needs to be tracked: project, client, task or field of work. Choose your preferences with your team.
Projects: Marketing Manager

Track real hours spent on the project

Quick assessment of labor costs for a project, client or task for of each employee individually.

Your entire history is stored forever. You can always see how much was spent working on a similar project and estimate future project.

Try it out!

Get your 3-employee account for free

Easy to start and easy to use. Check it out! Monitor your processes and find out how to increase you and your team’s efficiency.



What makes us different
As simple as it gets

No irrelevant information, only the essentials. Easy to use for employees and for management alike.

Maximum flexibility

Choose your preferable format with other team members.

Quick scoring

Evaluate work hours on the fly. Automatic calculation of all the statistics and labor costs.

Never worry about remote work

WorkApp can maintain your current workflow and make the management process easier.

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