How to start

Easy to install. Easy to start. Almost no training required.

step 1

Register your account

step 2

Install the application

step 3

Start working

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Beginning of work
Setting up a company account
Application installation
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1. Registration

Enter your full name, email and password to create a manager account for future logins.

Afterwards, activate your account with a link sent to your email.

The link will redirect you to your company profile: add your company name, corporate email, position, company business hours and time zone.

From there, you have access to your personal account available to 1 user.

You can create team members and employee accounts from your personal account.

2. Installing the application

To start, install the application with access to your user account.

Enter an employee authorization key when you first start the application. You can find the key in your settings by clicking Edit User section.

You can install apps and copy keys manually or send them to your team members for remote installation.

Each key belongs to one person. A single key can be used for different computers to observe the process remotely.

After you installed the app and entered your authorization key you are ready to start.

3. Beginning of work

Every hour, the app will notify you of uncompleted tasks that were active in the last hour.

At the end of the working day, you can finishyour work (right-click the application icon in the tray) or just turn off the computer. The app launches on startup by default.

Your employees’ activity will be displayed in your personal account.

The perfect tool for agile teams

with designers, programmers, layout designers, copywriters, translators, lawyers, etc.

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